Ambulance Ride

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I just saw a photo of the daughter of some good friends of mine. She’s about ten years old, and the photo was of her on a gurney being put into an ambulance.

It wasn’t an image you’d ever want to see—of anyone, but especially a child.

It’s scary. The image is haunting. It reminds me that EMTs are picking up people all over the place, every hour of every day, and one day, they might be picking me up.

Life is short… and fragile. Our lives are vulnerable, and nothing is guaranteed.

Take a deep breath in.

Be thankful if you didn’t receive any news of a health-scare today. Say a prayer for the people you love. Better still, make a call, wish them well. Tell someone you love them and appreciate them.

Then, get back to you work, or be present wherever you are. Because you’re still here with more to contribute.

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