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Observation is the mother of creativity.

Many people don’t think of themselves as creative. That’s false. Sure, some are more artistically inclined, but make no mistake, you are creative. And they are creative. We are all creative.

We were born with the creative gene—made in God’s image.

The fundamental way to cultivate your creativity is to notice more stuff.


  • the people around you

  • the structural designs

  • the marketing strategy

  • the look and feel of space

  • the pace of the meeting

  • the tone of the voice

  • the softness of the fabric

  • the harshness of the edges

Notice… pay attention… see, feel, and consider.

We’re all sharing ideas all the time. And we’re all moving the Original Design forward.

Notice and live in this moment. Creativity is in you and at your fingertips.

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