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Hilary and I just celebrated our 10-year-anniversary in Kauai, courtesy of my grandmother’s timeshare. We had a wonderful time, except for the five hours we spent on a catamaran.

I’ve always gotten seasick. Big boats, little boats… even carsick in the backseat on windy roads. And yet, it’d been awhile since I felt the turning of my stomach, so I had a little bit of unfounded optimism…and Hilary really wanted this experience. So I bought some Dramamine and did it.

Bad idea. I was green from the jump. Spending most of the trip looking straight ahead to the horizon, I was the definition of boat-party-pooper.

The experience was brutal for me, and I know I put a damper on Hilary’s level of enjoyment. (Nah, she can make anything fun.)

Know yourself.

Trust your gut. Or, at some point, your gut will throw up all over you.

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