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G.O.A.T.: Greatest Of All Time

I used to want to be the best at something. It almost didn’t matter what—indoor volleyball, beach volleyball, shooting three-pointers in the rain with an eye-patch…. Just something, anything.

Companies and brands are taught to target small niches—I.E.: “I’m the best personal trainer for widowed men under six feet tall with webbed feet in Anchorage, Alaska.”

Our country and culture is obsessed with being “the best.” The problem is, that goal is nearly impossible and constantly a moving target. The best athletes in the world, for example, are only the best for a few short years. They mostly retire between 25 and 35 years old. And someone is coming up behind them to break every record. If being the best at a thing is your goal, you’ll be continually frustrated.

Solution: Focus on being the best YOU.

What would the best version of YOU do to start the day today?

How would the best version of YOU approach this problem?

What would YOU at your best be reading?

When would the more productive YOU go to bed at night?

If we direct our focus in this manner, we might just find that we grow and achieve AND actually enjoy our unique, God-given lives.

Only you can be the greatest YOU of all time. And it’d be a bummer to settle for less.

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