Hilary hijack: Welcoming 2019!

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It’s a new year; it’s a new start. This brings me great joy because 2018 was a rough one. ROUGH! It was full of disappointment and a handful of really painful experiences–traumatic, unfair, even unbelievable. Yet, God allowed it. He could have stepped in at any point to rescue, yet He allowed me to experience this incredibly painful year. I don’t believe He caused it, but He definitely allowed it.

So, what do I do with that pain? I’m going to be completely honest. Up until now I am aware that I let the year, the pain, the injustice get the best of me. I allowed it to send me spiraling down mental tunnels that brought me nothing but more sorrow and pain. This year exposed some weaknesses in me. There were wounds that cut me deep and tapped into old wounds that I experienced in my childhood, magnifying what I was experiencing.

In the famous story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego–after being thrown into a fiery furnace for not bowing to another god–they walked out unharmed.

“They saw that the fire had not harmed their bodies, nor was a hair of their heads singed; their robes were not scorched, and there was no smell of fire on them.” -Daniel 3:27

Two things here. First, God allowed the fire. He could have saved them from having to experience the fire, but He didn’t. The second thing I want to highlight is that there was no smell of fire on them. Isn’t that interesting that the writer put that in there? There was no smell of smoke. What a detail! I don’t know about you but a bonfire will stick in my clothes and hair for a long time.
Figuratively, when we walk through fire or painful circumstances we might have made it through the fire but we still smell like smoke. We still stink. Only with God and hard work can we get the smoke out of our lives.

I am embarrassed to say this, but I had become a victim–a victim of unjust and painful experiences. But, I will not allow myself to stay there. God has carried me through too many of these painful experiences and proven himself faithful. Out of pain comes a fire and a voice that will not be thwarted.

I am entering 2019 with a holy fire in my gut to take back the territory I have allowed the smoke to creep into. I am done telling the enemy’s story. He doesn’t deserve to have his voice heard nor his story told… because his hands were all over 2018.

I am ready to grab 2019 and fight for health: mind, body, heart and soul. That’s one reason why I’m so pumped for Caleb’s new course, Life to the Whole! It is all about the basics for having breakthroughs in true health–mentally, emotionally, physically…and it’s all spiritual. I’d encourage you to jump into this journey with us! I’ve seen a lot of the material and it’s legit!

But to be honest, up until now I haven’t been ready. I’m married to the man, and this is his genius and I could access this at anytime. But I knew that the work was going to be hard and I wasn’t ready to commit.  But, it’s a new year; a new start and I’m ready now. I’m ready to work off the smell of the smoke of 2018. Are you ready for change? Join me!

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