Wrong attitude

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Hilary’s brother was showing us city folk how to navigate the mountains of Eastern Washington on our recent trip. It was 30 degrees with a foot of snow on the ground and we were out for an adventure. I confessed that I had no idea whether our kids would embrace the white cold or run for shelter.

Uncle Aaron: “They have the right gear. That’s half the battle. When Hilary or I would complain my dad used to say, ‘You’ve either got the wrong gear or the wrong attitude.’”

How true!

We were in the beautiful, snow-dusted village of Leavenworth at Christmas time. The boys were playing in snow for the first time in their young lives. And I was the dad helping to create the memories. What an incredible opportunity!

Plus, Uncle Aaron and Aunt Austyn had helped supply the proper gear. Now, it would simply be a question of attitude and adventure. And our kids embraced it like champs!

Your life—venture, career, opportunity—is an adventure. If you’re unhappy or uncomfortable it’s probably because you have the wrong gear or the wrong attitude. Determine which, and fix it.

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