Slow It Down, See The Sights, Feel The feelings

In Soul by Caleb

“‘Cars’ was about Lightning McQueen learning to slow down and to enjoy life. The journey is the reward.”—John Lasseter

Sorry, another kids’ movie, but it’s brilliant. John Lasseter and the Pixar people are some of the best storytellers of the last generation, and their movie, “Cars,” is one example. Lightning McQueen is the young hotshot sports car winning big races in his rookie season. He’s also arrogant, self-centered, and thinks he is God’s gift to the racing world. Until he accidentally stumbles upon a town left behind by the fast-paced new world and its bustling freeways.

Lightning’s few days in the sleepy town awaken something inside of him and he, all of the sudden, longs for simplicity, peace, and friendships. Bonus: The tools he learns in the slow-paced town actually make him a better racer.

Some people fear that peace will kill their edge. But, in fact, peace connects us to our core—and our Creator—igniting new passion to make our best contribution in the world. So, make peace with the journey. And fall in love with the process of getting to wherever you’re going. The rewards are hidden throughout the getting there.

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