Deer In The Garden

In Soul by Caleb

There may be a nice, cute habit that’s stealing your results.

“Remember that children, marriages, and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get.” —H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Hilary’s grandparents have a garden below their home. It’s productive and its 90-something caretakers are diligent.

“Fewer raspberries this year,” Jake just told me. “Has to be the deer.”

But deer are so cute. And the kids love seeing the deer in the yard. But the deer are wrecking the garden.

It’s not just the terrible evils that rob from us. Sometimes it’s the cute and seemingly innocuous habits or distractions that steal our productivity or peace.

Even though it’s cute, or normal, or interesting to others, if it eats your fruit, keep it out of your garden.

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