Courage Despite Fear

In Heart, Mind by Caleb

Do the thing, even when you’re scared.

So Gideon took ten of his servants and did as the Lord had commanded. But he did it at night because he was afraid of the other members of his father’s household and the people of the town. Judges 6:27

I appreciate the honesty. Because I’ve been there.

Be scared. Just do the thing anyway.

If it’s from God, it will work out for good—eventually. If it’s not from God, and you got it wrong but thought you were hearing from God—who cares! Everyone gets it wrong sometimes. You can’t steer a parked car. Learn from the mistake, learn to listen, seek wisdom, asking for feedback, and the let the situation increase your humility. Then keep listening and acting. It’s a journey.

Fear is part of it. Overcome fear by taking the next right action, as best as you know how. (Even if you have to do it in the dark, like Gideon.)

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