Mental Health: Compassion

In Heart, Mind by Caleb

Everyone is carrying a burden you know nothing about.

Maybe the best lesson from the movie “Joker”, is that we ought to be compassionate in our all our dealings with people – as odd or unusual as someone might be.


Choose compassion over discomfort. We fear what we don’t understand. And what we don’t understand can make us uncomfortable. Seek first to understand.

Choose compassion over disgust. Because we fear what don’t understand, we end up operating in fear. And fear can lead to a resentful disgust that we’re having to deal with this “problem” in front of us. An ugly way to live. Instead, turn disgust into grace. If we knew the darkest parts in you, we’d all be disgusted, too.

Choose compassion over denial. Instead of ignoring the problems and pretending it’s not there, enter into the mess. Ask the questions. Get below the surface. Build trust as you express genuine care and compassion.

Compassion means that we look beyond the symptoms to the inner struggle. Default to compassion, kindness, and being caring.

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