Mental Health: Create Space

In Mind, Soul by Caleb

Fight for space, stillness, and margin in a world of overwhelming chaos and technological connectedness.

Create space to not be okay. With your words, your face, your presence, create space for it to be okay to not be okay. This goes for YOU first. Have compassion for yourself and create space to rest and not have it all together, all the time. You will struggle to create space for others to be weak if you refuse to allow yourself to need rest and need a break.

Create space to rest. Build margin into your day and week. Just like your body, your brain needs breaks. Build time in – at least every morning and evening – to reflect without technological stimulus. Keep your phone at a charging station that’s not next to your bed. Before you take inputs from the outside world, invite your inside world to connect to your Creator and Life Source.

Create space for stillness. Some call it meditation, or centering prayer, but the terminology doesn’t matter much. What’s key is being still, breathing, and connecting to your mind to your body, heart, and soul.

You are a WHOLE being – body, mind, heart, soul. Your mind will run the show unless you force it be still and pay attention to the rest of you.

Questions to ask as you create space to get in touch with your whole being…
* What am I feeling in my body?
* What emotions am I experiencing? What are they telling me?
* What is my soul trying to tell me? How is God’s Spirit relating to my soul/spirit?
* Will I surrender and embrace my dependence upon the God of the universe?

Allow your breathing to remind you that God is closer than your breath. Breath in God’s Spirit. Breath out your worry and anxiety. Over. And over.

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