Too Heavy

In Body, Mind by Caleb

Don’t over-lift, but don’t under-work.

I over-did-it at the gym the other day. We were going for our max—the heaviest amount we can do and still lift the weight one time. People around me were lifting heavier. After I completed one lift at a respectable weight (for me), my friend observing said, “You can do way more than that.” I thought, “Yes, yes I can.”

Then I put on 30 more pounds. Turns out I should have gone with 20. The bar went down but it did not go back up.

My wrist took the worst of it, but I’ll be fine. Nevertheless, lesson-learned. I’m 40, not 20. I’m well past my fitness prime. There’s no one I’m trying to impress. Thus, the better plan for me is always small, incremental improvements.

Small, incremental improvements are best in just about every area of life. Don’t go too heavy—in fitness, in business, in risk-taking, in serving… Just make progress, everyday.

Keep showing up. Keep working. Keep pushing and getting a little bit better, smarter, savvier, and stronger.

What can you push a little bit further today?  

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