Anything For A Laugh

In Mind by Caleb

Know what you need, and find it in healthy ways.

My son Henry will do anything for a laugh.

Henry: “Edie, kick me in the face.”

Edie: “Ok.”


Everyone laughs. And, for Henry, it’s worth it.

There’s something you’re willing to say and do dumb things for. Do you know what it is? Do you know what you’re so desperate to have that you’re acting out and being crazy? For me, I can obsess about progress. I need to feel like I’m making progress, and when I feel like I’m not—or it’s not fast enough—I’m tempted to do dumb things. I can be critical of myself and others. I’m tempted to take shortcuts. And I can act out in ways to self-sooth because I’m feeling bad about my slacker self.

But the reality is that progress happens when I’m embrace the process. Leaning into the process and enjoying the journey is my path toward healthy progress and fulfillment.

What about you?

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