Cold Means Slower

In Mind, Soul by Caleb

There’s a season for everything under heaven. God designed this human experience with seasons that point us in directions, orient our priorities, and cause us to look at life a bit differently. 

I was just in the mountains and there was a lot of snow. So much so that we needed chains for our tires. Putting on chains isn’t the easiest thing—especially for me—particularly when it’s freezing and you’re on the side of a mountain road. But, they help keep us safe.

They also force you to drive slow. Snow means slow. And there’s beauty to it. You might not move as fast or accomplish as much, but when it’s cold outside, something else is happening.

Everything in nature slows down as it chills and freezes. Shouldn’t we? Perhaps God is slowing us down for a new year reset. Helping us to reevaluate what’s been and gear up for what’s coming.

Embrace the chill. Embrace the season. Don’t be afraid to take it a little slower.

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