Desires & Expectations

In Mind by Caleb

If you’re regularly disappointed, it might be your expectations that need changing.

One psychotherapist offers that people who “are always focusing on what’s wrong and as a result, feel anxiety, and obsess. This creates a self-fulfilling prophecy and an endless cycle of high expectations leading to low self-esteem and increased anxiety.” (CLICK HERE for article)

Still, it’s good to communicate our desires.

“This is something that matters to me. Can we do it this way?”

That is a request based on a desire, and communication is an absolute necessity for healthy relationships.

However, an expectations goes a step further and trends in the zone of “entitlement.”

“This is what I want and it’s better and it should be this way.”

If you’re noticing that others aren’t playing by your rules or aren’t living up to your expectations for them or their contributions your life, your expectations have become entitlements. And it’s time to kill your expectations.

Christmas is the best time to practice killing expectations—mostly because we tend to have extra. Instead of letting people, places, and things disappoint us all season long, what if we killed our expectations and treated everything and everyone as an exciting bonus?!

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