In Heart, Mind by Caleb

Expect the unexpected.

He went there to register with Mary, who was pledged to be married to him and was expecting a child. (Luke 2:5)

An angel said she was pregnant with a child—direct from the Great Spirit Stork. Then, an angel told Joseph not to sweat it. The promise was that this was a God-thing and the child would be special…different…significant.
No doubt their expectations were high! But then…he’s born. And cries. And poops. And needs milk…like all the time.

The Savior of the world had to grow up—from infant to toddler to kid to adolescent… Expectations and waiting and wondering are part of the human experience. Even when God shows up with angels and stars and the divine IVF miracle.

Mary was “expecting” and even after Jesus was born, there were years and years of more expecting, wondering, and waiting.

Be patient. Jesus is still changing everything…and you have a part to play. Whatever “good news” mission God has given you, walk it out. Wait it out. Wonder, hope, have faith…and let the promise grow up in front of you.

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