Hilary Hijack: Airport Rides

In Heart, Soul by Caleb

When I was younger, if I flew into Washington, there was no question who was picking me up – my mom. She would change her schedule around, drop everything to be there when my plane arrived. Even when she was in the throws of treatment for her pancreatic cancer she made the drive and picked me up. I was completely unaware of what a generous gift it was because it had always just been there. I remember the first time I flew into Washington and realized my airport ride was gone… and it has continued to be a little emotional for me.

My family has been crazy generous and stepped in to pick us up most every time we fly into Washington. But this winter, my brother went above and beyond. Without batting an eyelash, he and his girlfriend Austyn drove three hours over the mountains in separate cars so that we could have a ride from the airport to the beach and then over to their home in Leavenworth. But, the generosity didn’t stop there. They slept in the camper outside in the snow (they claim they love it) and let us sleep in their bed and pretty much take over their entire home.

My brother and Austyn lavished our kids with love and presents on their first trip to the snow. There is no doubt that our kids felt so loved by their aunt and uncle. But to me, that airport ride… that airport ride will go down in my heart history as one of the highlights. My brother didn’t know that every time I flew into Washington I missed our mama–and the way she would jump through hoops to pick me up. And there he was, driving over mountains.

Sometimes we don’t know the depth of how our generosity can bless another person. Generosity through an act of kindness can heal a heart or leave a lasting memory.

Who can you bless with extravagant generosity?

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