Living the Dream

In Heart, Mind by Caleb

You’re living the dream.

…and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. (Luke 2:7)

This was not Mary’s dream for her first child’s birth. In fact, it may have been her nightmare.

Mary’s water broke on a donkey. Joseph had not booked an Airbnb ahead of time, and when they rolled into town, every house and room was booked. They ended up in a cave—with animals. Not fluffy puppies. Dirty, noisy, smelly animals. Animals who ate and pooped in the same small cave—right next to the hay-filled trough where the Creator-Savior of the world was resting after his dicy womb escape, delivered by a first-time teenaged dad.
Not living the dream. Unless, Mary and Joseph winked at each other and decided that this was, in fact, the new dream.

Living the dream means fully embracing the life God gives you. Sure, you can co-create with God; design, redesign, and improve your life. But if you’re not living the dream today, you’ll never live the dream. In other words, if you’re not grateful for this crazy, unexpected, imperfect journey of life—right now—you’ll never be satisfied. Even in the satin sheets of a fancy hotel.

The manger is a dream if the manger is where your Hope is resting His head.

Live the dream—today—by embracing your manger-cave, and then building from here.

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