Names & Megaphones

In Heart by Caleb

Everyone loves the sound of their own name. Particularly when it’s shouted with volume and enthusiasm.

When I pick Jack up front school, all the kids gather in a grassy waiting area. Then, as parents and care-givers arrive to retrieve each kid, volunteer students and adults with reflective vests and megaphones are positioned along the driveway to shout each child’s name, indicating to the child that their ride is here and to hustle to the car.

Volunteer: “Child’s name?”
Parent: “Jack Anderson”
Volunteer: “Jack Anderson, your ride is here. Jack Anderson!”

Jack’s face lights up. He’s heard his name, and so has everyone else. For the moment in time it’s Jack’s name that rings over the school yard – “Jack Anderson!” – he glows. Jack grabs his backpack and sprints for the car with a grin he tries unsuccessfully to hide.

Everyone loves their name—especially when it’s shouted with positive intentions.

Remember that this week. Names on cards… names on gifts… names in lights… names on microphones… It matters—to everyone.

Give someone the gift of their name.

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