In Heart, Mind by Caleb

Divine timing is probably perfect, but it’s also a pain.

While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born… (Luke 2:6)

“The time came…” And to Mary and Joseph, it was bad timing.

After all, they were 90 miles from home. They had no money and no place to stay. Jesus was born in what was probably a cave—with dirty, stinky animals. Not cool.

Now, they would have to travel the 90 miles back to Nazareth (and later to Egypt), on foot, with a newborn. No Uppa Baby stroller. No Ergo wrap. No bottles, binkies, or diapers. The timing seemed rough.

And yet, there was a bigger story at play. The prophecy was that a Savior would be born in Bethlehem, which means, “house of bread.” Jesus would later break bread and say, “This is my body,” as if teaching that we need connection to God even more than we need food. Plus, King David was from Bethlehem, and this Jesus would be the King of Kings.

God was telling a bigger story. Not to mention, a little bit of adversity makes the miracle more memorable.

The time will come, and it might—at first—seem like the timing sucks. But, in hindsight, it comes together and it makes sense.

Trust God’s timing. The story is bigger than what you can see right now.

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